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Columbus, GA Surety Bonds 

Most Popular Types of Columbus, GA Surety Bonds

  • License 

  • Permit 

  • Code Compliance 

  • Probate 

  • Process Server

  • Used Car Dealer 

  • Certificate of Title

  • Private Detective


  • Mortgage Broker 

  • Fiduciary 

  • Broker

  • Dishonesty 

  • Public Adjuster 

  • Janitorial 

  • Notary 

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What is a Columbus Surety Bond?

The two most common types of Columbus, GA Surety Bonds include: 


Commercial Surety:

Bonds required of individuals or businesses by the government, legislation or by other entities. provides the following types of commercial surety bonds.


License and permit bonds: required by state, municipal or federal ordinance or regulation. These bonds may be required as a condition for engaging in a particular business or exercising a particular privilege. Examples include performance and payment bonds, customs bonds, tax bonds and warehouse bonds.


Court bonds, including:  Judicial bonds, required of either a plaintiff or defendant in judicial proceedings, to reserve the rights of the opposing litigant or other interested parties. Fiduciary bonds, required of those who administer a trust under court supervision. 


Public official bonds: required by statute for certain holders of public office, to protect the public from malfeasance by an official or from an official's failure to faithfully perform duties. 


Miscellaneous bonds: do not fit into any of the other categories above.


Contract Surety:
Bonds that the government or an owner of a construction project may require a contractor to obtain. There are three types of contract surety bonds:

Bid bond: Affords protection to a project owner (obligee) in the event a successful bidder will not enter a contract and will not provide the required surety bonds or other security.

Performance bond: Provides protection to the obligee if the contractor defaults on its obligations under the bonded contract.

Payment bond: Guarantees the Contractor will pay subcontractor, labor and material bills associated with a bonded construction project. a Division of National Surety Services, Inc. NSSI has been Issuing Surety Bonds in  Columbus, Georgia for over 20 years. Simply Apply, Pay and Print your Bond. Merging Technology, Electronic Bond Processing and Customer Service. Obtaining your Surety Bond has never been Easier! 

The is proud to service Columbus. Did you know?

  • Founded in 1828 by an act of the Georgia Legislature

  • Columbus is situated at the beginning of the navigable portion of the Chattahoochee River

  • Across the Chattahoochee River, where Phenix City, Alabama is now located, Creek Indians lived until their removal in 1836

  • By 1860, the city was one of the more important industrial centers of the South, earning it the nickname "the Lowell of the South," in deference to the industrial town in Massachusetts

  • During the Civil War, Columbus ranked second to Richmond in the manufacture of supplies for the Confederate army

  • The Battle of Columbus, Georgia (April 16, 1865), also known as the Battle of Girard, Alabama (now Phenix City, Alabama) is widely regarded to be the last battle of the American Civil War

  • The inventor of Coca-Cola, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, was wounded in this battle

  • The Springer Opera House is a historic live performance theater located in Downtown Columbus, Georgia. First opened February 21, 1871, the theater was named the State Theatre of Georgia by Governor Jimmy Carter for its 100th anniversary season

  • Fort Benning is a United States Army post outside Columbus, Georgia. Since 1918, Fort Benning, has served as the Home of the Infantry

  • Columbus is home to prominent industries including the headquarters for Aflac, Synovus, TSYS and Carmike Cinemas

  • The National Infantry Museum is a museum located in Columbus, Georgia, just outside Fort Benning, the home of the Infantry. The museum depicts the history of infantry forces in the United States Army

  • A. J. McClung Memorial Stadium is a 15,000-seat sports stadium located in Columbus, Georgia. It was the site of football games between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers from 1916 until 1958 (the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry). The stadium now hosts the Fort Valley State-Albany State (Fountain City Classic) and the Tuskegee-Morehouse rivalry games, as well local youth football and soccer and high school football games

  • Golden Park is a 5,000-seat baseball stadium in Columbus, Georgia, United States, that opened in 1926. Located on the Chattahoochee River in Downtown Columbus, it currently is not home to any professional baseball team. The exterior of the Golden Park is a red brick façade and has many well-landscaped sidewalks that connect to the Chattahoochee RiverWalk

  • The Chattahoochee RiverWalk is a 22-mile walking and biking area along the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia, United States. The entire trail is paved with either asphalt, concrete, or brick. Due to the RiverWalk bike path, Columbus was recently identified by the League of American Bicyclists as one of the forty most Bicycle Friendly Communities in the United States

  • The Mott House is a historic building in Columbus, Georgia. It was built in 1844 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. During the last battle of the Civil War at Columbus, Georgia, the Mott house served as the headquarters of the Union General James H. Wilson. NOTE: The Mott House burned down on September 7, 2014

  • Founded in 1953, the Columbus Museum (accredited by the American Alliance of Museums) contains much artifacts on both American art and regional history, displayed in both its permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions

  • The Coca-Cola Space Science Center opened in 1996 for the purpose of public education in science, physics, and astronomy. It includes seven flight simulators and a planetarium

  • The Chattahoochee RiverWalk is a 15-mile (24 km) long bike trail that connects users from Downtown to South Columbus and the northern section of Fort Benning - 3091 Holcomb Bridge Rd. - Suite H-2 - Norcross, GA  30071 - Phone: 800-953-6699

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